Thursday, October 22, 2015

"Another week of amazing experiences"

Hello Everyone,

How are you all?! I love you guys, thank you for the emails and the support! You guys always lift me up!

This has been another week of amazing experiences! I can't believe I’ve been out for a month. I am so excited to get out into the field! Friday was our last opportunity to go to the university! It was a great experience! We saw a man in an orange shirt sitting down in front of the store and we were able to talk to him for about 10 minutes. We learned about his life and what he was studying.  After that, we shared our message. He had to be at class and he said he wanted to learn more, but since we could not come back the next day, I so hope that he calls the missionaries! He was in his 50s and was studying law. Talking to him was very humbling because so many people here don’t have much in their lives. It makes me so grateful for how much we have! We are so blessed. I love it here!

Missionaries are not perfect.  We have to work so hard! Yesterday was one of the hardest days on the mission so far. Our lesson in the morning was one of the worst I’ve ever done and I just had a bad attitude. I realized that I need the Spirit with me and acting all sad is not going to help it be with me! So I prayed for it to be with me and I felt a little better. In evening class we were learning a new concept in grammar and I just could not understand it at all.  It was so hard on me for some reason. I get really upset when everyone understands something but me and I couldn’t get it. So the teacher had to pull me aside and teach me it and I just felt so mad.  At this point I just did not feel good about anything. We had to teach a lesson after that and I thought that there was no way that I can teach a lesson because my Spanish is horrible right now. I thought in my head, what am I doing wrong...and I just knew that I needed the Spirit more than anything. So before the lesson I said a prayer in my head… “Heavenly Father, I’m doing my best and I’m sorry for my wrong doings, I need your help in this lesson. You have faith in me and I have faith in you and I’m in your hands!”  

The lesson after was one of the best lessons we have ever taught. The Spirit was so strong and our investigator committed to a baptism date and wants all his family to be baptized because he know the Gospel of Jesus Christ will bring his family together. He received all of that knowledge and surety through the Power Of the Holy Ghost. I too have received answers to life’s greatest questions through the Holy Ghost. Its power is real. I testify of that. I know that anyone can receive a witness of the truthfulness of the gospel through The Holy Ghost. I know that God strengthens us. He has promised that he will not forsake us. I know that God lives and Jesus is the Christ. He is my Savior, Master, and Redeemer. He's felt every pain, affliction and temptation that we will ever go through. Through him and only him and his gospel can we return to live with God and our families forever. I testify of that with all my soul that I know that the church is true! It provides so much joy and hope in this life and for the next! I am a Disciple of Jesus Christ, the very Son of God, and I know He lives. You too can even find out what I know for yourself.  Visit it will change your life for eternity. I love you all and you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Keep on trying, no matter how hard times get.

Peace And Love from la Republica Dominicana,

Elder Waidmann

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