Monday, May 30, 2016

"Changes helps us find this potential"

Hello Family and Friends,

Our District
Oh life is full of changes, and as natural men and women, we don’t want them, but the purpose of this life is to realize our divine potential as sons and daughters of God, and changes help us find this potential. I have been meditating on that all last night and this morning. My companion Elder Hervias is leaving Juncos and it is really hard to see him go.  He is a great Elder and like a brother to me. I have been assigned a new companion from Mexico, named Elder Reyes. I am excited to work with him, but that was my biggest fear before the mission and still is, working with someone 24/7 who I don’t even know.  Every other time I have gotten a new companion I have prayed a lot to be comforted. I am still nervous, but I feel more at peace knowing that God put me here in Juncos for a reason and I know Elder Reyes is supposed to be my companion. 
My "tio" in the mission. Intercambio with Elder Hanna
When we do righteous things, we will receive the help of the Lord. I had an intercambio (companion exchange) with an elder who has a lot more time than me this week and will be going home and a few days.  He came to my area and we had planned a lot of visits in a Pueblo. I know the Lord was leading and guiding us that day because only one visit out of the five, canceled …which was a huge blessing. In that area we are now teaching a family of four and another couple.  I know this church is true with all my heart, it is a blessing to serve my God in such a special way as a full time representative of Jesus Christ. I know that if we put forth our absolute best efforts, we will be lead to those who are ready to learn more. Christ lives, and because he lives, eternal happiness is reachable! I love these below scriptures! I love you all!

Elder Waidmann

Matthew 11:28-29   28-Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heaven laden, and I will give you rest.   29-Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

John 8:12    12- Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

Monday, May 23, 2016

"The Light of Christ"

Hello Everyone!

This week was another week of miracles, hard work, and tender mercies. Today marks 8 months since I left home. It has gone by so fast. The mission is the best. Carlos was confirmed a member of the church yesterday and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. A member of the ward gave him a beautiful blessing and he promised Carlos that one day he would be able to baptize his children. That brought so much joy to my heart knowing that one day he would be able to help his children enter into the path of eternal life too. The spirit was so strong and these moments in my mission I will cherish forever. 

We are all born with the Light of Christ. All things good and that are true come from God and Jesus Christ.  As people begin to find and act on these truths, they grow spiritually, brightening and strengthening the light they have....Carlos was glowing on Sunday.  It is something so indescribable, he was smiling from ear to ear and you could literally see the light in his eyes. How grateful I am to be able to see the hand of God and the Atonement of Christ work with someone so closely. 

Our progressing investigator, Vicente came to church and had such a good time. He is actively reading the scriptures, marking it, and is so happy.  He is not interested in baptism at this point, but believes in God! We will keep loving him and praying for him. He is a wonderful man.  I know the Book of Mormon and the Bible are the Word of God. I know it. I have seen so many lives changed from just reading the scriptures and praying about it. Its true, it has power and it touches the soul. The Book of Mormon is really another testament of Our Savior, Jesus Christ. I have come to love God more than I ever have and I feel so close to Him. I know my Savior, Jesus Christ lives.  If you find Him, you will have everlasting happiness.

Love you all!

Elder Waidmann

Monday, May 16, 2016

"Thank you"

At Carlos' Baptism
Hello Everyone!

“Thank you” … Those are the two words that our convert said to me after his baptism. This week was so wonderful and when we are working hard, the weeks go by so fast. We are already in week 5 of this transfer. It is crazy. We had zone conference on Wednesday and it was so good to learn from our leaders and other missionaries on how we can be better servants of the Lord.

Yesterday Carlos got baptized. How special of experience it was to see another child of God find his way back home and come up out of the water a new person. As my companion was about to baptism him, the Spirit was so present and testified to me, that Carlos had entered the path into eternal life. How beautiful that moment was. After the service was over he came up to me, had his hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes and said "Thank you". Tears came to my eyes, because in that moment I could see Carlos' spirit glowing. I don’t know how to describe it, but he had changed. I will forever cherish that moment.

These last few days I have been pondering a lot about our Savior, Jesus Christ and what He has done for us. I was watching the bible videos from the church and the was an extra message called "Because OfHim" ... As I watched it, the spirit filled my soul, and I felt the love of my Heavenly Father testify to me that His son is Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. I know He lives.  I know God loves us, there is evidence all around us. All we have to do is look.

Elder Waidmann

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Skype 2016

We were able Skype with Elder Waidmann on Mother's Day! It was quite a treat! 

Here is his transcribed testimony of the work he is doing as a missionary in Puerto Rico.

Hello Everyone!

I love being a missionary. They say a mission can be "the best two years", and it really it is the best two years, even though I have only been out for seven months. I am really tired (so much walking!) , but I am really happy and that is worth it all. I love seeing the changes in people’s lives. I know that as we show our faith in God and do our part, He will follow through with His promises. Everything that God commands you to do… do it and you will be blessed. I know that is so true. I am not perfect. I am 18 years old still, but I know that is true still. I know that as we follow the commandments of God and do what we're supposed to do, that we will be happy and that we will have eternal life. I know that this church is true. I know that the prophet, Joseph Smith, restored Christ’s church back to the earth in its fullness. I get to testify of the “first vision” every day. And every time without a doubt, the Spirit has testified to me that it is true.

I love the gospel I love my Savior, Jesus Christ and I know that through Him,  all things are possible. We are not the only ones going through hard times. Other people are too and we need to help them be able to find Jesus Christ so that way they can find happiness. It is our duty to share the happiness of the gospel, no matter how hard it is to open our mouths. I know that as we share the gospel, we will feel joy.

I love you all!

Love, Elder Waidmann

Monday, May 2, 2016

"God knows what we need"

7 months
Hello Everyone!

Wow! I love how on the mission you can never stop learning. Every new week is a start to a new lesson you need to learn. It was really has to not see our investigator because he dropped us earlier in the week.  It was super sad.  I have pondered and prayed and I know he will be baptized one day. It is so important that we follow the will of the Father, not the will of ourselves. God is perfect and knows what we need.

I am so grateful for this wonderful week so much has happened. Last Monday night we went to an appointment and the person was not there, so we prayed to know where we should go to contact. We felt we should go to the end of a street and the second house we contacted the guy came right out and asked us right away when we could come back. We were really shocked, but he told us his niece has been going through a rough time in Florida and she prayed to know if God was real and to show her a sign if he was and the next day the missionaries showed up at her house. Then, the next day we showed up at his. We taught him later that week and we will go visit him tomorrow and try to teach his family too. Such a miracle.

Me and my companion, Elder Hernias
Another night we were walking past a bar to an appointment and I saw this young guy sitting down drinking and he looked completely depressed and I had such a strong impression to talk to him, but I sadly ignored it and as I turned around, he called us over and we had one of the most spiritual contacts I have had on my mission. He was shaking and to the point of crying and told us what has been going on in his life. His wife left him and he has been suffering without his family and he told us that the beer is not strong enough for this pain.  We testified of the healing power of the atonement and we will visit him this week. I was so sad that I ignored the spirit and it had me down for a few days that I didn’t. We need to follow the promptings of the Spirit always! The Lord is preparing people, and all we have to do is magnify our calling as missionaries and be diligent and we will find them!


Elder Waidmann
Flag bridge