Monday, November 7, 2016

Poco a Poco

HELLO!!! Another week has flown by and it is already the last week of this transfer. Elder Tarr and I are having a blast together, even though this last week just about everyone and their dog denied us. But hey, it’s all good.  We tried our best to stay positive and we had a super cool experience. We were honestly dead dog tired and sunburnt from contacting for 5 straight hours with no success, so we said a prayer and started searching again. For some reason we both felt like we should go down a street even though there was like no cars in the street.  That is normally a, "Welp nobody is home here, next street". Sooo we went down and one of the first contacts let us in for 10 minutes and we shared only what we could in that time. He accepted to come to church and for us to pass by. On Saturday he canceled the visit and didn't sound interested and he said he would "try" to come to church. So we texted and called him on Sunday morning anddddddd.....nothing. Then, we get a text and he said what color is your church and we freaked out because he already arrived 30 min early! What a miracle! He is Enrique a father of three boys! We are excited for him.  Norman Rosario is doing so well and is so prepared to be baptized on this next Sunday. A lot of his friends are giving him a bad go of it for being baptized but he says that he knows it’s true right back at them. He is loving the Book of Mormon and still is so confused why people don’t read it more or why they reject it. haha He has helped strengthen my faith so much! We are happy for him! I love the mission so much because you literally want the help these (in my case Boricuas) sons and daughters of God to experience the joy we have felt. When they do it brings the greatest joy and happiness like I have never felt before! Let us open our mouths and share the gospel!!!! Poco a Poco, little by little God prepares his children.  Love you all!
Elder Waidmann


En la cocina doe


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