Monday, November 21, 2016

Questions and Answers

1.  How's the new companion?  How old is he? Do you always speak spanish with him?
He is really good! He is obedient and happy and he loves to work! What else could I  ask for??:) He is 22 and we speak English one day and Spanish the other. He now knows 3 languages so cool!
2.  Do you have your own area?  If is the teaching pool? Who should I pray for?
We share this area with 2 sisters. The teaching pool is small. Please pray for Jesus, Maria, and Reinaldo. We are looking all day long for those who are prepared.

3. Do you have a car...if so how often can you use it?
We have a car, but as always we can only use it for meetings.

4. How's the new apartment? Air conditioning?  How many Elders in it?
The new apartment is hot hot hot.  No AC.  We are surviving with 2 stand up fans. Its just us two here.

5. How many District's in your zone?  How many Sister's & Elder's total in the Zone?
We have the smallest zone out of 5 in the mission. There is 12 companionships in our zone. 5 comps de sisters and 7 comps of elderes. We have a lot of improvement to do. There are 3 districts.

6.  Any Thanksgiving dinner's this week?

We have a visit with a member.

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