Monday, February 6, 2017

Another Transfer

Escuché que hacia falta mi carta semanal. perdonenme de verdad :) But yes I am alive and another transfer has finished!! WHHAAAT, yes Elder Paniagua and I have been together for 6 weeks now!! We will be together for another transfer! We are super happy and excited to see the progress in Levittown.

I would say it was Thursday and all of our plans fell through so we were contacting at 8pm in a neighborhood near our house.  It was one of the hardest moments of my mission.We had already had like no success Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday and when we arrived at the first house to contact a guy just gives us his hand, denies us, and then about every single person after that. I was like, “You have got to be kidding me.”  We were both like ready to give up so we went to Burger King and had ice cream to eat away the pain.  The negative thoughts left our minds we finished the day positive. Then from that day to Sunday there came a bunch of miracles.

When teaching one of our male investigators this week, it was one of the most special moments in my mission. We were teaching him about true repentance and he explained to us his past and how he used to be in the streets. And he said, “Before I stopped doing bad things because I knew I should. And now I’m stopping because I want to stop and it comes from my heart.” He held something in his hand in front of us and said, "And this has made the difference.”  He had in his hand The Book of Mormon. BOOM, the spirit was super strong and he agreed to truly repent to prepare to be baptized. His girlfriend is doing well and she is also progressing. They have a marriage date of the 18th of February and their children are starting to have interest.

On Sunday we were out trying to follow up with some people and we couldn’t find any of them and so we were like, “Okay let’s go contacting.”  A guy came to my mind that I had contacted like 6 weeks ago and so we went to follow up. He accepted us and it turns out it’s a whole family! YESSS finally we have found a whole family!! They accepted the message well and we will go back on Wednesday. The father is like in his 30’s and also the mom and they have a daughter of 15 and a son of 8 years. We are super excited for them. We had only found 5 new investigators in the week and on Sunday we found 5 more. Such a blessing.

On Sunday a 70 was in our ward. His son's wife had a baby so they came to the baby blessing. The 70's name is Hugo Martinez. He is super humble, he talked to me and my companion after church for like 10 minutes and I took in every moment. He gave us suggestions and thanked us for our work. It truly was a special experience. 

I truly know as we hit rock bottom but we keep enduring, the Lord will change us, and we will come stronger than we were. Job 23:10
Love you all,
Elder Waidmann

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