Thursday, December 17, 2015

"I am so thankful to be a missionary!"

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? Thank you for all that you do for me. I constantly receive Heavenly help and I know that it is from your thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much.

At the baptism
The Baptism! Oh it was so wonderful. She asked me if I would baptize her and wow it was such a special experience! The spirit was so strong there. When she asked me she was like, “Oh my I have to learn how to say your name now! Ha. Because nobody can pronounce my name right here its so funny. I love it. One of our investigators calls me Elder Wayyy. It is great. But she calls me her "Padrino" because I baptized her, but it means Godfather in English. We are going to visit her today and give her a photo of before the baptism so she can keep it. Her spirit is so strong. She shared her testimony at the baptism and it was great! She has grown so much and she has done it all on her own. Elder Fox and I were just instruments in God's hands. It has been a miracle to see. She received The Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday and a leader in our ward gave her a blessing and promised her that one day her family would join the church and they would be sealed for time and eternity in the temple. We are so happy for her.

At the baptism 
We found a new investigator this week and she is 17. She lives with her dad, grandma, grandpa and her sister. She has such a hard life and it is so amazing to see how strong she is. Her mother and brother were both killed when she was younger. We have been able to teach her the restoration and The Plan of Salvation. She came to the baptism and we taught her after it. The power of the spirit guided my companion and I what to say and most importantly it testified to her that the Plan Of Salvation is real. As my comp and I testified tears came down her cheeks. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost and the power and comfort and peace that it brings.  We taught her sister and brother last night. The brother said, “I have been asking God so many questions”.  We were able to answer his biggest question of why he was in his family and not some other one.  We taught about the Plan Of Salvation again and helped them understand all of our purposes in this life. See Alma 34:32. The sister and the brother both committed to be baptized.
Study time
J- chilling with the Book of Mormon
I have come to know on my mission that everyone is going through hard things. Everyone is our brothers and sisters. As a missionary you have to talk to as many people as possible because you never know what people need or what they desire till you talk to them and sincerely have a desire to help them. I am so thankful to be a missionary. I am still human and have ups and downs, but I have come to love my Savior, Jesus Christ, more than ever. I feel so close to him and to my Heavenly Father. I know That we are God's children and he is sad when we are down and happy when we have success and follow the example of Jesus. Jesus Christ set the path. All we have to do is follow in his footsteps. I am praying for you all and for your joy and success in this life. If you are down, look to the Lord, and press forward.

Love, Elder Waidmann

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