Monday, January 18, 2016

"I will do anything for my God and my Savior"

Service with Olga

Hello everyone!

We had another wonderful week this week in the mission. I have come to see how aware our Heavenly Father is of his children. Last week we found Michael and after that we found Olga and her son Carlos walking to the store. Olga is a less active member and her son Carlos was never baptized! We had our first lesson with him on Saturday and we had an amazing lesson with her and the spirit was so strong. I was challenging him to decide to be baptized and he accepted and wanted to get baptized soon!  He came to church and he loved it, he is reading a ton in the Book Of Mormon. He is preparing himself to be baptized! His friend across the street is coming home from Maryland and just happened to be baptized 2 weeks ago… so that is also a tender mercy from the Lord. He said he was reading the scriptures and was moved to tears because of how strong the spirit was.  It was so amazing. He had a huge beard and shaved it all for Sunday. He is such a champ.

This experience is what really hit home for me. I realized how amazing this work is and how grateful I am to be a representative of Jesus Christ. In the lesson on Sunday we asked Carlos how he was really feeling about everything. He said he felt joy. That single word hit me so hard. I am so grateful for the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. The gospel and the spirit touch hearts. We meet with a less active man named Jaime, he has not been attending church for about 10 years. He shared his testimony that he has learned and come to know that the gospel is true.

The spirit was so present, and I was able to share my testimony. I had no idea what I was going to say. I know I was guided to say the end of my testimony, that we are in these last days, this work needs to move up, God needs you now on His side, and we need you too. In this moment, I don’t know if i have ever felt the spirit so strong in my entire life.  It was wonderful!

Puerto Rico is the BOMB. Its so hot, like so hot, and at times its really hard here. But its okay, because Jesus Christ paid the price, and its our responsibility to help people come unto Him. For this glorious purpose, I will do anything for my God and my Savior.

Lift your heads up, do what is right, serve always. Love your life.

Love, Elder Waidmann

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