Monday, January 4, 2016

"I love this work!"

Hello everyone!

Thank you for all you guys do for me. I have truly felt divine help this week from your thoughts and prayers. I am praying for the well being of you all as well. We are staying busy and we are working as hard as we can and giving all we can to this wonderful work.  Today was an intercombio and I was able to go with another Elder, named Elder Wilcox. He is such a stud. He came to my area and my trainer went to his. We pleaded for divine help because I am somewhat a newbie.  It turned out to be a wonderful day.

There were so many miracles. We had a goal to get two new male investigators and another one, no matter who it was. We were in an area called “Crist Rey” with little time left to contact and we were on our way to leave, when we came upon an older man on his porch.  We began to teach him and later on his wife came out. We taught all of the Restoration and it was so amazing how the spirit worked with us throughout the lesson. The spirit was felt and we have a return appointment soon. T

Then we went to an area called “Glenvie”, and there walking on a street was one of our investigators.  We talked with him and he said he still wanted to be baptized and that he knows our message is true! That was awesome! We continued contacting and it was getting late and we had a feeling we should leave the area.   So we left and the second house we contacted we found great man to teach! We were able to teach him the Restoration and the spirit was so powerful. Testifying is the most powerful thing you can to do share with people of what you know is true.   On the way home we saw a former investigator!  We had not seen her in awhile, so we will meet with her again soon!

I love this work! God lives and Jesus is the Christ, and through them all things are possible.! Love you guys so much!

Elder Waidmann

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