Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"This week my soul has been filled with joy!"

Hello my wonderful family and friends!
The Baptism

My district
This last week has been one of the most life changing weeks for me. Our investigator, Carlos, was baptized on Saturday. What a miracle. He has been prepared for a long time to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ in his life. He has read all the way to Mosiah in one week in the Book Of Mormon. He has such a strong testimony of it. The first time he read he said he had to stop or else he was going to read it all that night. He plans on finishing it next week. Carlos means a lot to me. He has strengthened my faith over and over. He went through some tough challenges before his baptism. He said whenever he was tired or had bad thoughts or didnt feel good, he decided to pray and read the Book Of Mormon and he says after he felt so much better. Elder Fox baptized him and when he came up out of the water, he hugged Elder Fox.  When they got out of the font he said he felt so clean and he said “I’M SAVED”! 

He is so awesome and he is so grateful, as are we to experience this miracle. On Sunday he was confirmed a member of the church and he received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I asked him about it and he said when he received it, the feeling was indescribable, like a burning feeling filled his body. He said “Waidmann, I feel the Holy Spirit with me.” Oh man how wonderful it is to see him so happy. Man, this whole week my soul has been filled with joy! I am so happy for him.

I am now going to be serving in a different area in Ponce with Elder Wilcox. I will be in the same house. I will miss my old area, but I am excited. Elder Wilcox my new companions is a great missionary. We will start tomorrow as companions. I Just finished training yesterday and so now I’m not a greenie anymore! Yay!

Lion King
I know this Church is true without a doubt in my mind. I know that God gives us commandments to help us and as we live them we will be the happiest we have ever been. The church is for everyone. The gospel will bless and help anyone in any trial they have in their lives. The atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ makes it possible to repent, and to be clean from our sins. What a blessing. Let us put our trust in Jesus Christ, and our Father in Heaven, for they know exactly what we need. I know God loves us, we are his literal children, and I know that my Redeemer Jesus Christ lives. Love you all. Thank you for everything.

Elder Waidmann

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