Monday, February 1, 2016

"Be patient, because you're on the Lord's errand"

The good shepherd- Chasing the flock

Well hello everyone!

 I only have a few minutes so I will make this quick! Please forgive me for not writing to all those who wrote me! I love you all and am so grateful for the constant support.

Well the start of this week was rough, as in finding people to teach. Door after door after door, and nothing. For two straight days. I was really impatient and getting frustrated with myself and the people. I had the desire so bad to find and bring these people unto Christ, and we couldn’t find them. My companion has been in some really slow areas in his mission and he kept me positive that a great day would come after a hard one.

Puerto Rico life
After the first hard day was one another hard day so I was not so happy with that. The next day was one of the most successful days of my mission. Wow…how I have learned a lesson this week. Be patient, because you're on the Lord's errand. He is not on yours. I have learned so much and I know the Lord gave me this trial this week so I could grow and become a better missionary. I have been praying to know what I can do better and the answer did not come as I was praying, it came as I was working. We cannot except to receive a divine answer if we are not doing our part. That day we taught four other lessons and found another person to be baptized!  I love you all! Stay faithful!

Elder Waidmann

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