Monday, June 20, 2016

"Ferviente Oración"

Hello Everyone,

This week was another fast one filled with tender mercies and miracles! The Lord has been so good to us. I wanted to share an experience that happened this week that taught me so much. We we had lost contact with one of our investigators for one whole week...we were praying for that whole week together and personally to be able to get in contact with him.... and we couldn’t. On Thursday we were walking to an appointment, I had my head down, filled with sadness and worry.  We were walking across a bridge and my companion said, “Look it is him”! I raised my head up and looked and saw him walking towards us. Joy filled my soul as we had found one of God’s children. We taught him and he has decided he wants to be baptized.  It is a miracle! I can't describe how happy that made me. 

This morning I was reading the parable of the lost sheep and of the prodigal son and I was and am still pondering on the messages. With the lost sheep, the Shepard left and did all he could to find this lost sheep, and after he did all he could, he found it and rejoiced with his family and his neighbors. With the prodigal son, I was thinking how the father was heartbroken that his son left.  After a long period of time of praying and pleading with God to help his son come back home, he did. Then, the father ran to his son and embraced him and forgave him for all he did. I was able to think about how that is exactly like the love that God has for us, as his children. He wants all of his children to come home. He is happy for those who have found the path, but is sad for his children that are lost, and he calls for them but they may not recognize his voice......and that is where the Savior, members, and missionaries come in. We are the "Good Shepard" and the father of the lost son. We must go out search, teach, and pray so that we can help all our brothers and sisters find their way home. One day we will all rejoice with our Heavenly Father in his kingdom for eternity.

I love you all!

Elder Waidmann

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