Monday, July 11, 2016

"I love my mission with all my heart"

Hello everyone!

Another week flew bye, and the work here is progressing. We have been so blessed from God, and we have seen his hand in this work.

This week, we were contacting in San Lorenzo and we said a prayer to start finding and we set off. The third or so house, we saw a young kid and he looked at us and his eyes widened so much and I saw him whisper, “Oh my gosh!”  I said “What happened?” and he said, “I am a member or that church”.   His name is Jeanpol, we talked to him and taught him. Turns out he was baptized with his five other family members last year, they then moved from Florida to here and haven’t been able to find the church for a year. We called his mom and told her there was a meetinghouse close by and she was so excited! 4 out of the 5 family members came to church yesterday and took the sacrament for the first time in a whole year! Jeanpol is 14 and wants to leave with us to do visits and he is excited to be a missionary. That made me so happy! I was really pondering about the experience finding them and it was such a miracle. Who knows… if God wouldn’t have put us there, who knows if they would’ve ever found the church here and that the boys would’ve never served missions. Six lost sheep have been found and I am so grateful for that experience.

We are teaching the son of a less active member. He is 10 and his name is Kervin. He is a champ! It is so cool to see that although he is so young, he has been able to see the change in his life. He says he feels so happy when he reads and the next step is church!

Vicente came to church again and is excited to be baptized. I love that guy so much! Him and his wife call us their sons… I love it. Vicente is such a special man, and he has the spirit glowing from him. You can’t help but smile when you talk to him!

I love my mission with all my heart. I have learned to love people that I meet at their doorstep, I have been an instrument in the hands of God to be able to find his lost children. There is nothing greater than this calling. I know God loves us, I know it. I know Jesus Christ is the LIGHT and LIFE of this world and that He lives.

Love you all!

Elder Waidmann

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