Monday, October 17, 2016

Las Aguas Bautismales

GOOO WILFREDO!! He was baptized yesterday and it was such a wonderful service. After he said he felt Liberado, or to say free. The change in his personage and his smile was definitely noticeable. The Gospel of Jsus Christ is real and is restored. It is such a blessing to help others find the path and receive their answer through prayer that it is true.

We have been teaching Emmanuel, a 17-year-old for a couple of weeks. He was my companion’s old investigator we started to reteach him. He will be baptized this next Sunday, the 23rd. He is so happy and after seeing the baptism of Wilfredo, he is so anxious. haha I am so grateful to see someone so young want to take this step in his life. In his exact age is when I found out this was the true church and that the Lord needed me to serve. It makes me overjoyed to be able to help others, especially the younger generation. They can then also also to serve a mission and he has mentioned it as a possibility. It has been weird teaching him because we teach him in English because he grew up in Texas and likes English better. Sometimes we can’t remember some words in English, so we have to teach some parts in Spanish. haha It’s funny that we forget our own language.

I gave my fist talk in my mission finally and it was about the Word of Wisdom. haha It went well and I am grateful for how much the Lord has helped me learn and communicate in this language.

I had an experience this week that will forever be life changing. The other night I was praying to find those who are prepared and I have been asking recently to be able to recognize who they are. In my prayer I saw a Dominican man with short hair, with jeans and a red shirt. The following day we went to visit a less active. She is the only member in her family and lives with her family and other friends. At the end of the visit a man walked past the door and I asked if that was her husband and she said it was. It was a Dominican, with short hair, jeans and a red shirt. I had written the description of the man in my agenda and I shared with her my experience. The Spirit was felt really strong and we testified that God has been preparing her husband for a while and that he is ready. We will visit them this week.

I know God knows each and every one of his children. Have a wonderful week! les quiero un monton
Elder Waidmann

Wilfredo's Baptism

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