Monday, October 3, 2016

Transferred from Juncos

"Goodbye to Obispo Blanco"
"Goodbye to the Gallardo family"
"Goodbye to Juncos"

Hello Family and Friends,

I kind of knew this was going to happen because I have been here in Juncos for about 6 months. I have learned so much here and have met so many wonderful people that I will never forget, its kind of, for the lack of a better word…bittersweet. I am excited to go work in Carolina with Elder Tarr. He is a great guy and he has one more transfer in the mission than me, and we get along well.

"Last district meeting"
This week was super special as we had General Conference. The challenge in the mission was to come to conference with 2 questions/doubts in mind and if we studied and prayed we were promised these questions would be answered, as we listened to our prophet and apostles the spirit was felt and my questions were answered and I feel uplifted. What a blessing that was! 

We started teaching a couple and they are Aileen and Jonathan, a reference from a member in Caguas. They both have a great spirit and a desire to know.

Xiomara is also doing well and still her countenance is beautiful. She is smiling and she enjoyed conference. The Atonement of Jesus Christ has healing power. All that we have to do is humble ourselves and come unto Him through repentance and we will change. Such a beautiful promise.

Carmen and Pedro are well, but couldn't come this week but will the following. As we read the Book of Mormon and pray about it with REAL intent, there is no doubt that The Holy Spirit with tell us it is true. I know that is true with all my heart, I have seen personally lives change.

"Goodbye to Carlos"
I am excited for this new part of my mission and I plead that the Lord with bless and guide you all. Be happy, this life is so that we may have joy. Find the joy in the little things.

Elder Waidmann

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