Monday, July 17, 2017

Setting Goals

Went to work with a brand new RM named Angel and Jose in the back right seat who is in our ward preparing for his mission! And my Comp Elder Gonzalez!
San Juan Zone Leaders! Left: Elder Celaya, Right: Elder Hilario
I have got a little bit of time so I'd thought I'd write out a quick summary of the week. We have been putting more into practice more from what I learned from my dear friend, Elder Tanner Boatman. That is, putting specific times to find specific people. It is super fun and exciting and it helps us show our faith and stay focused. The last two times we have done it, it has been miraculous. So on Saturday I was working with Elder Hilario here in Guaynabo and we had a great time. We set apart a specific time like from 3:30 to 4 and earnestly sought to find a young married couple in their 20's or 30's.  Normally, we would never find families out at that time. I was being a little doubtful, but we agreed and went out to work.  The time came and I believe the first contact we made is was a younger man in his 30s that we talked to and he agreed that we could pass by later in the day. He is a new investigator now! He lives with his wife and two kids. He was only able to listen to us when we went back but the goal was met!

Additionally, yesterday we set a goal from 4:45-5:15, that we would find a father and a son. And at 5:30 we had to leave to go pick up the Smarts from the airport, so 5:08 came around and I was counting down the time. We keep walking and we were disappointed because nobody was outside… but we did end up seeing a son and his father. They didn't even live there. His son had came with him to work because they were fixing something on their house. We are not sure if he will later accept us but it was such a testimony builder to me that as we make goals, get out on our feet and work to them that he will always bless us. God is ever so aware of his Children. We are hopeful and prayerful for our investigators. I love my Boricua brothers and sisters, and hope to help them find their way back to their heavenly home. 
Love you all:)

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