Monday, July 10, 2017

You Just Have to Believe

President and Sister Smart
MLC Group
Silly Photo with MLC
Hello Everyone! After weeks like these you come to a complete awareness that there is some unseen power that leads and guides us…and that would undoubtedly be the Holy Ghost. This week was a busy.  On Tuesday and Thursday we were with President and Sister Smart accompanying them around to the 5 different zones. It has been so good to get to know them.  They are so happy and excited to be here and I know they will help this mission so much. I am grateful for their examples of dedication and love. On Wednesday we had an MLC.  The Smarts had had a busy week, but still delivered fabulous lessons during MLC.  Elder Gonzalez and I also taught about Ch. 4 in Preach My Gospel.
After the tour on Thursday I went on splits with a missionary that has almost 5 weeks now in the field. It brought me back so many memories that I will forever cherish of my trainer. This missionary was humble, full of faith and energy. What great examples they are to me. With the limited time we had to go out and find people we felt impressed to kind take a way we don't usually take to go to a neighborhood we usually go to. Once we crossed the street we contacted a young man and her grandson. His name is Joseph, he is 23 and he just moved here from Boston so he speaks English and Spanish. We taught him another day and he came to church! So that was a miracle for us this week! 

Later on Sunday night at 7:00 all of our plans fell through and usually here at 8:00 everyone is inside their house we had prayed to know what to do. I started flipping through my old agenda looking for someone who we could visit at 8:20 at night.  Then we saw a name and we remembered we had contacted this kid a while ago and so my companion said,  “I'll call him”.  He answered and said he could come by and at this point we were speed walking like a mile to get to this kids house.   We get there and his grandma comes out and says, “So Sebastian invited you over…well I’m a Christian/Catholic”.  She saw we were pouring in sweat and she was surprised we had walked all that way to see Sebastian.  So we went to his front porch and we started talking and he is the most mature/humble 14 year old I know. It blew us away. He has some certain sad situations going on in his life and later on we taught him how to pray and it was so so special.   It was just such a tender mercy for us to help be an answer to the needs of this young man. How can we not believe that God knows His children? All of our plans fell through, so we could go comfort a 14 year old a mile away.  It was amazing! I'll never forget weeks like these. I love you all and I thank you for all your love and support!!

-Elder Waidmann

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