Monday, March 21, 2016

"Open your mouth"

Hello Friends and Family,

Me and Elder Morales from Guatemala
The words, “Open your mouth” are a credit to my wise Father.  Thank you Dad for always sending that message to me, because it is so true! As we pray for the Lord to put someone in our path to share the Gospel with, he will! But, we still need to do our part and open our mouth. I have really come to know how true that is as a full time missionary. We need to talk with everyone, because whether these people know it or not, the Gospel Of Jesus Christ is the only way to have lasting eternal happiness! Not just temporary happiness on this earth, but for eternity! So, pray for opportunities to share the Gospel this week.  Once you do, search for them and then act! I promise the Lord will put someone in your path!
A Coqui frog. The first time I have seen one!
This week was another great week in the mission field! I cant believe I have been out for 6 months. Our investigator received her answer to the Book of Mormon and it’s truthfulness.  She said after reading it, she  prayed and began to cry… not because of sadness, but because she was filled with joy!  Our investigator shared that later that day she went to the gym and she was stopped and asked what was so different about her. He said that she seemed like a while new person.  She recognized how much joy she had! She came to church and loved it, as did her two little kids. It was really special to see 5 of our investigators at church this week.  We are so blessed! As we do all that we can, the Lord will help us.  All will work out for the good! Love you All!
Elder Waidmann

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  1. Wise words Elder Waldmann and beautifully written. They are lucky to have you there! Karen Atkinson