Monday, April 4, 2016

"Come Home"

At the baptism. What a beautiful day!
Hello family and friends!

What a blessed week it has been! General Conference, was such a blessing and was much needed. Even as a missionary, I have a lot of questions and so many were answered. What a blessing! A topic mentioned a few times in conference was our divinity as sons and daughters of a Living God. How precious and sacred that knowledge is that God loves us perfectly. That brings me so much peace.

My companion and I had the privilege of baptizing one of God's children on Saturday. What a beautiful experience it was watching this daughter of God find the path of eternal life and take the steps necessary to obtain it. Words cannot describe the joy I have felt helping these people find their way back home. We are spiritual beings obtaining earthly experience. God is the father of our Spirits, and when we find these spiritual truths and the Holy Spirit confirms them to our hearts and our minds, our spirits rejoice and we feel the presence of our Heavenly Father in our lives. That is how we know that we are on the correct path back home to his presence.

I know with all might heart that God loves his children. I was able to experience this truth again as we found Jennifer. She was in need, and her Father comforted her and found her through us. How sacred it is to be an instrument in God's hands. He loves His children. She was baptized and the service went so beautifully. At the start of the second session of General Conference we sang "Now let us Rejoice". We sang this verse that says, “And Jesus will say, to all Israel, Come Home”.  Those two words, Come Home, hit me so hard, and the Spirit testified to me that that is just what Jennifer just did.  Being baptized, made it possible for her to ''Come Home". I am forever grateful for all that I am learning here. Puerto Rico never ceases to be so beautiful and I love it. The heat is brutal at moments but, its worth it. I have never been so tan in my life! I was able to see my trainer, Elder Fox, Saturday night. I am so grateful for him, as he truly taught me how to be a servant of God. Share the Gospel… it is not only a commandment, but it is a privilege. You will experience more joy than you ever have had, as you share the gospel. Jesus Christ lives and this is His church. 
I love you all!

Elder Waidmann

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