Monday, April 25, 2016

"There is so much work to do"

Hello Everyone!

Well… here I am in my new area! It was really hard to leave Ponce, but we have had a great first week here and we know that the Lord has prepared people for us to find here. My companion, Elder Hervias is such an incredible missionary.  I have already learned so much from him. This area of Juncos is huge! We work 3 days of the week in a city called Gurabo,  All of he members in our ward are usually working, so we walk an hour and a half to get there… so its a little far, but there is so much work to do there. Everyone says they haven’t seen missionaries in two years and so that is why we have decided to work more there.

The ward is awesome and is really supportive in our missionary efforts! That makes me so happy! I feel really blessed to be here. We have an investigator named Carlos and he has been an investigating for a long time!  He is so smart and loves reading and marking the scriptures. It is such a blessing and joy to see someone’s heart change through living the Gospel. All we have to do is do our part, and the Lord will help us with the rest! This week I needed some encouragement and I loved found this quote by a former Prophet named Gorden B. Hinkley.  It says something to the effect of …  “If we do the best on our part, all will be okay... trust in God. He will not abandon us.” That brought me so much comfort and joy. As we act, the Lord will help us and give us strength to overcome anything! I love this work with all my heart!  It is not easy, but oh it is so beautiful. Count your blessings, find positivity, and serve others. That is my recipe for happiness! I love you all thank you for all the love and support.

Love, Elder Waidmann

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